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Risk Consulting / Internal Audits

Some key areas covered within Risk Consulting/ Internal Audits include:
  • Internal Audit - Reviewing and testing of the controls and processes in an entity
  • Enterprise Risk Management Study - Detailed study of the risks a company is exposed to and the risk mitigation tools and policies
  • Corporate Governance Review - Review of the existing corporate governance structure, role of the management and the systems and process in place to ensure regulatory discipline within an entity
  • Systems, Control and Process Review - Review of the controls and risk in a specific processes
  • Information Technology Audit - Audit of the information systems of an entity including its IT governance, security risks, back-up procedures etc.
  • Management Audit - Audit from the point of view of the management with focus on a broad spectrum of areas including governance, risk, cost reduction etc.
  • Specific Risk Audit - Study on specific risks a company is exposed to and policies and procedures adopted to mitigate the risks such as foreign exchange or technology obsolescence
  • Regulatory Compliance Review - A comprehensive study of compliance Audit with all the relevant regulatory requirements such as Labour Laws, Tax laws, Corporate Laws, Environment laws etc.
  • Fraud and Forensics - Specific investigative audits conducted with present notion of malpractice in a particular area. The firm have specific tools to identify and analyse existence of fraud
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