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Key Highlights of Maharashtra's Budget for 2013-14 

Increase in tax rate of gold, silver and their jewellery hiked from 1% to 1.10% for one year due to prevailing drought conditions

Increase in sugarcane purchase tax from 3% to 5% to raise fund for drought relief for one year

Tax on cigarettes hiked from 20% to 25%

Increase in tax on bidi from 5% to 12.5%

Unmanufactured tobacco to be taxed at 12.5%

5% levy on textile for industrial use

Rise in tax on certain powder, cubes and tablets from which non alcoholic beverages are prepared to 12.5% from 5%

Increase in tax on Paver blocks from 5% to 12.5%

Increase in tax on Lottery: Tax on weekly lottery will be Rs 60,000, Tax on fortnightly lottery scheme or any lottery scheme between a week and a fortnight Rs 1,25,000, Tax on monthly lottery scheme or any lottery scheme of any duration exceeding fortnight Rs 2,50,000

Financial Institutions liable to pay stamp duty on mortgage deeds

Rounding off fractions in stamp duty payable.

If agreement to sale is registered by paying proper stamp duty by treating as deemed conveyance deed will be charged with Rs 100 stamp duty

Increase in excise duty on Country Liquor to Rs 110 per proof litre from Rs 95 per proof litre,

Excise duty on Indian Made Foreign Liquor hiked from Rs 240 per proof litre to Rs 300 per proof litre,

On fragmented strong beer Rs 60 per bulk litre or 200% per cent of the manufacturing cost whichever is higher. Earlier rate on fermentes strong
beer was Rs 42 per bulk litre or 175% of manufacturing cost whichever is higher

Increase in export fee on Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) having maximum retail price less than Rs 500 to Rs 3 per bulk litre from Re 1 per bulk litre

Export fee on IMFL having maximum retail price of Rs 500 or more is Rs 5 per bulk litre. It will now be increased to Rs 10 per bulk litre.

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