11. (1) Every dealer liable to pay tax under sub-section (1) of section 3, who either held registration certificate under the Act of 1973 or whose application for registration under the said Act was pending till the appointed day, shall inform the assessing authority of such particulars of his business in such form and manner within such period as may be prescribed and such authority after receipt of such information, if it is satisfied about the correctness of the same by making such inquiry as it may consider necessary, shall issue to him a registration certificate under this Act which shall be valid from the appointed day, otherwise, it shall, after giving the affected person a reasonable opportunity of being heard, pass an order declining registration:

Provided that during the period prescribed for furnishing the information and till such time final decision is taken on the same, the registration certificate issued under the Act of 1973 shall be deemed to have been issued under this Act except when registration is declined.

(2) Every dealer liable to pay tax, on whom sub-section (1) does not apply, shall, and any dealer, who does not deal exclusively in exempted goods, may, notwithstanding that he is not liable to pay tax under section 3, make an application for registration to the assessing authority within such time, in such form and manner, on payment of such fees not more than five hundred rupees, as may be prescribed.

(3) If the prescribed authority is satisfied that the applicant is a bonafide dealer and the application for registration made by him is in order, he shall, subject to the provisions of section 12, grant him a certificate of registration in the prescribed form and such certificate of registration shall be valid from such date, as may be prescribed.

(4) Any dealer to whom a registration certificate has been granted shall, from the date specified in the registration certificate which shall not be later than the date of grant of the registration certificate to him, be liable to tax and shall continue to be liable to tax so long as the registration certificate held by him is not cancelled notwithstanding that his liability to pay has ceased under sub-section (6) of section 3.

(5) The assessing authority may, on information furnished to him under section 13 from time to time, by order, amend any certificate of registration and may cancel the same if the business is closed and such amendment in, or cancellation of, the certificate shall take effect from such date as may be prescribed.

(6) When -

(a) any business, in respect of which certificate has been granted, has been discontinued; or

(b) the liability to pay tax of any dealer ceases in terms of sub-section (6) of section 3, the assessing authority shall, after giving a reasonable opportunity of being heard to the affected person, cancel the certificate of registration and the cancellation shall come into force after the expiry of such period, as may be prescribed.

(7) A taxing authority not below the rank of Deputy Excise and Taxation Commissioner incharge of a district may, in the prescribed manner, cancel, subject to such restrictions and conditions, as may be prescribed, the certificate of registration issued to a dealer -

(a) for being held guilty of avoidance of tax under this Act or the Central Act;

(b) for misusing the certificate of registration; or

(c) for any other sufficient cause:

Provided that no order affecting any dealer adversely shall be made under this sub-section without affording him a reasonable opportunity of being heard.